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In-Vivo Technologies, Inc. (IVT), is a contract research organization, established in February 2000 to meet the growing need of the San Francisco Bay Area scientific community for quality pre-clinical rodent research. IVT offers customized programs for clients of all sizes, in all stages of development, focusing on early Drug Discovery, in an AAALAC accredited facility. We also offer vivarium management, husbandry, and technical services. Our experienced personnel provide support for your in-house animal science operations.

Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery

One of the first steps in getting a new drug to the IND or Investigational New Drug (IND) application stages is Drug Discovery. IVT’s team can assist with animal model development, while delivering high-level technical proficiency to generate study data that is tailored to your needs.

We understand the importance of open communication and in fact, our clients interact directly with our in-vivo team. We work closely with our customers to create unconventional solutions to challenging preclinical studies. Our success is attributed to the effective teamwork among our customers, employees, and network. By using IVT’s in-vivo contract research services, clients can take advantage of our many years of preclinical research and project management experience. Flexible scheduling and prompt turnaround time enable our clients to proceed along their critical path – on time! We encourage you to contact us with any study design questions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Animal Model Development
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Oncology Efficacy Studies
  • Drug Safety
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Immunology
  • Rodent Breeding
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Vivarium Management Services

IVT furnishes trained, experienced personnel to provide staffing and animal facility management to local companies as well as regulatory compliance support; animal husbandry and technical capabilities to provide short and long-term assistance for your drug development programs.

Regulatory Compliance Support

IVT ensures support and oversight for each client by working closely with the on-site Vivarium Manager and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to provide feedback on vivarium management.

Husbandry Services

IVT offers husbandry services that allows you to focus on the science and not staffing. We take care of your vivarium so that you don’t have to worry about managing the necessary human resources, including immediate coverage for sick calls or vacations, holidays, weekends, and employee turnover.

Technical Services

IVT’s technical team can be your extra pair of hands when additional manpower is needed by assisting with in-vivo studies in your vivarium. We can assist with PKs, long-term dosing studies, necropsies, and much more.

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